Design a Native or Rain Garden in your backyard
Why Have a Blue Thumb?

The Blue Thumb is an educational program that was started by the Rice Creek Watershed District as an outreach program to meet water quality goals identified in their strategic plan and to help their cities meet their federal Clean Water Act mandates. Now Blue Thumb reaches beyond the Rice Creek Watershed District boundaries into the Twin Cities metro area and greater Minnesota. There are currently over 50 Blue Thumb partners including the Elm Creek Watershed who works closely with the City of Corcoran.

Does your lawn have "squishy" spots? Areas where nothing grows? A native garden may be the solution. Plant a variety of native plant species or just a few. Then enjoy your beautiful, low-maintenance garden, knowing that you are saving water, reducing air pollution and providing habitat for birds and butterflies.

What are the benefits of native plants?

  • The generally long roots find their own water, decrease soil compaction, filter out pollutants
  • Native plants are as maintenance free as plants can be - no mowing, fertilizer nor pesticides
  • They cost less in the long run - no fertilizers, pesticides, mowing necessary
  • Native plants add beauty, habitat, food & cover - biodiversity
  • Native plants reduce air pollution since they do not need to be mowed
  • Native plants also reduce water pollution because fertilizers and pesticides are not necessary

What is a rain garden?

Rain gardens are simply gardens with depressions that are designed to catch rainwater runoff in your yard, growing plants that tolerate getting partially flooded on occasion. They provide beautiful landscaping and wildlife habitat. And, by soaking up rain where it falls, they slow storm water runoff, help prevent erosion, and remove pollutants in the process.

Visit www.BlueThumb.org for more information.

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